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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jordan & i'm married to the love of my life, Josh. We were married on October 4, 2014, so we're pretty new at this married life thing but we sure do love it. We're both from Oklahoma & met through mutual friends once we were in college--myself at OU & Josh at Univ. of Arkansas. We dated long distance for over 3 years until we were married on October 4, 2014. We both live our lives for Jesus & Josh feels a strong call to ministry.

Apart from talking about my faith & what Jesus has been teaching me, I love to learn new beauty tricks & share them in this space! This includes makeup tutorials, best makeup for certain events, hair product reviews, etc. I have a wide variety of interests & love that I have this little space to reflect on them. You might also find posts on style, trends i'm loving, fitness/recipes, & what i'm learning as a new wife living in a new state. Oh, & i'm also a beauty blogger for womenshealth.com. I hope you enjoy & please feel free to contact me with inquires at jordanlinna@gmail.com.

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