Turning 25

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I turned 25 on September 3rd. I still can't really believe I am 25 years old, but I think I will feel that way as I greet each birthday, year after year. I had an amazing birthday this year--filled with love & graciousness from family & friends. I also had time to reflect on year 24 & just how filled to the brim it was with excitement, newness & lessons. The Lord most certainly taught me so much throughout the past year. I laughed, cried, stressed, achieved, struggled, but most importantly I learned. I moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas on my 24th birthday. I was blessed with my first church home (Life Connection Church in Bentonville). I started a new job with Victoria's Secret which has been a lesson in itself & received promotions & recognition within my role. I got married & started living with my best friend. I traveled to Mexico, Jamaica & Grand Cayman on an amazing honeymoon (& also freaked about the possibility of getting Ebola once we were on the ship--thanks for talking me out of that one, babe.) We went on multiple mini-roadtrips (our favorite). I won an exciting contest & was able to write for Women's Health magazine over the summer. I started singing on the worship team. I started filming for my YouTube Channel again. I learned about being a wife. I gained new friendships. I also learned more about who I am & who I want to be as a daughter of God. I am excited to take the journey of year 25 & can't wait to share my adventures on this little blog this year.

I started my birthday out by being woken up by my husband with a large column bible & Prismacolors to start an illustrated faith bible! He teamed up with a friend to get a 'starter kit' going for me & this new hobby. He also discovered the thrill of using coupons via smartphone at Hobby Lobby. What a blessing.
Next was a run on my favorite trail. I walk to it from our apartment--I can't wait until the colors start changing this fall.

I had plans to spend the day with a friend so I put on comfies & headed that way--& was greeted with the sweetest surprises! Lunch, sweet treats & a HUGE box of illustrated faith items. I was so excited & grateful! (& overwhelmed by how sweet it all was.)
When Josh got off of work we headed to Fayetteville to eat at the Catfish Hole. We had never been but heard good things--& we love trying new places. It was great, but you have to be in the mood for fried food! Then we went & picked up some cupcakes (Disney Princess, of course) and ice cream & watched a Redbox movie. I also had dinner with my MIL & FIL at Table Mesa in Bentonville the following Saturday & they gave me sweet cards, a gift & my SIL gave me an Ulta giftcard (which I promptly spent immediately after dinner :)
Here's to year 25 & all that it has in store!

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