Fitness: 3 Miles in 30 Days

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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I have multiple interests & my blog focus has gone from completely lifestyle based to split between 4 topics to keep my core interests organized in this space. The topics I try to focus on include beauty, style, faith & fitness. I've noticed that some categories receive more attention than others on HDT but that's okay with me. If I learn of a new beauty trick & want to share it, I don't think there's anything wrong with posting it right after another beauty post has been shared. One topic i've noticed which doesn't receive as much attention as the others in both my blog life & in my personal life (or irl as the kids call it these days) is fitness. Let me start out by saying that I made it a category on this blog because I have an extreme interest in the subject. I was certified as a group fitness instructor a few years back, can read pages upon pages of nutrition & exercise science & not get bored, can create a vast array of fitness themed Pinterest boards & keep them organized (hey, it counts!) but when it comes down to it I've not been spending a proper amount of time truly living a fitness lifestyle & I've realized lately that it needs to change. I hope to add more posts to this section of my blog--especially over the next 30 days because I am choosing to complete a '3 Miles in 30 days running challenge'. I hope to post once a week to keep you all up to date, but also plan to share how i'm doing with the challenge & I hope some of you will join me! I started the challenge today & slowly but surely completed it as the plan mapped out for me. I ran quite a bit in college while I was training in boxing, never going past a 5k distance--but that was enough for me. I'm not a marathoner wannabe & have no desire to complete a full marathon (though major props to those who do!) I would consider training for a half if I ever felt called to do so. But for now, getting back to the distance of a 5k is what i'm training for. I didn't want to do the couch to 5k plan because I knew i could push myself a little harder since I used to run daily. I chose a 30 day plan because the amount of time isn't spaced out to 12 weeks like most plans I found were. This plan carries you through the 30 days, changing up your plan every few days. Something i've decided to do with this plan is to run outside while training. I used to just run on indoor tracks and treadmills but I noticed along the way that my body couldn't adjust properly to running on concrete outdoors & I would rather train harder outside than on an even incline indoors. So here is the plan: CLICK HERE. I hope to add to this section of my blog & create a healthier lifestyle as a result. This is all about health & being the best version of myself! Plus a little extra energy never hurts. I can't wait to take you all along as I complete this plan! Happy Wednesday :)

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