Always Off Makeup Cloths: Review & First Impression

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When it comes to washing my face at night, I admit it--I get lazy. After a long day the last thing I want to do is take the time to do a full facial routine before falling into bed. In order to remove my daily makeup, it usually takes multiple steps. Step 1: Use makeup remover on eyes. 2: Use disposable makeup cloth to remove face makeup. 3: Use cleanser. 4: Use toner. 5: Apply moisturizer & eye cream. Since discovering a new little magical tool to incorporate into my night-time routine, i've cut those steps down to just 2 at night.
The Always Off Makeup Cloths can be found in a drugstore (I found mine in the facial cleanser aisle at Walmart). They are $2.99 & come with 3 colorfully patterned cloths per package. The cloths are made of microfiber which aids in the removal of all makeup--even waterproof mascara. The cloths do not contain chemicals, so if you have sensitive skin & are worried about adding a new product to your routine, don't fret. The cloths also defeat the need to purchase makeup remover cloths which are disposable. I remember being in college & shopping with my friends for toiletries. We all hated when we ran out of razors & makeup cloths because we had to break the bank to purchase more. The $2.99 reusable cloths are so much more cost efficient than purchasing a pack of 30 wipes for $9.
As for care of the cloths, just throw them in the washing machine. The packaging tells you to wash in warm water with mild detergent, avoid bleaching, using fabric softener or dryer sheets & to tumble dry low.
I chose to read online before using the cloths to see if other users had paired their cloths with any facial cleanser. Many had chosen to use a foaming cleanser along with their cloth for more cleansing power, but I wanted to see if the product would work alone with just warm water like it has claimed to do.
This was the result of the first few swipes on one side of my face with only the cloth & warm water added. I was seriously impressed. After completing the entire process all over my face, I felt very clean & like I had used a cleanser. The towel is extremely soft, but provides a sort of exfoliating effect that you wouldn't get from using a gentle, foaming cleanser on its own. After this process I chose to just apply moisturizer. It's up to you on whether you want to add more steps before finishing up your skin routine.
Overall, I think the product is seriously great. On nights I have a bit more energy i'm sure I will be continuing my full skin care system. However, this cloth is great for nights you're just too tired, mornings you need to run out the door (and slept in your makeup the night before), traveling when you don't want to bring products that may spill & this is also a great starter for young girls beginning a skin routine at night.

Have you tried the Always Off Makeup Cloths? If so, did they work for you?
(This post was not sponsored & was my honest opinion of the product)

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  1. I tried these tonight and I loooove them! I could NOT believe they take off mascara with just WATER! Where in Ar do you live? We lived in Lowell for 6 years!!