Valentine's Day Recap

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day! It's always been one of my favorite holidays--& no, before Josh I never had a real Valentine. I always celebrated with friends+my mom would send flowers, stuffed animals, balloons & candy to the office at school for me to pick up. I dressed up in heels & a red dress for the occasion, even at school! I know there's a lot of negativity when it comes to Valentine's day, but why not enjoy it & add your own touch of magic to it? This idea of adding magic hit me late Friday night [the night before Vday]. I had worked a very long shift that day, went late with a work friend to get a pedicure & although I had intended to decorate that night after Josh went to bed, I decided I was too tired & laid down instead.
 Our Valentine Pedicures--I found this design on google images & we both decided to get the same color/design!
 After tossing & turning I got back up & started adding magic to our little place for him to be surprised by in the morning. First I noticed there were dishes to be done & I still hadn't picked up the bathroom after getting ready that day--so I started deep cleaning. Yes, at 11pm. Josh's love language is words of affirmation but I know how much he loves a deep cleaned home so I thought why not add that little extra surprise in there too? After deep cleaning I pulled out all of the decorations I had been collecting. I even sat down for awhile & made homemade Valentine hearts! I was really thankful for my craft collection. I had stored away a bottle of sparkling grape juice for us to have so I pulled that out as well. Before I knew it I had decorated the kitchen counter+the bathroom.
 Our sparkling grape juice & toasting glasses from our wedding.
 I hand made this banner for our very first Valentine's day together. I still remember sitting on the floor of my room in college, cutting each part out & stringing it on to some ribbon. So glad I held on to it!
 I also cut strips of paper & decorated them after adding 'acts of love' coupon writings to them. i.e. 'This coupon is good for one homemade apple pie.' The extra effort & lack of sleep was worth it when I was woken up by a very happy & smiling husband. He was so surprised he said he had to do something for me in return right when he found it so he left the apartment immediately & detailed the interior & exterior of my car and filled it up. I was also surprised with the prettiest card, notecards of 'coupons' I can trade in to him later on & tickets to see Needtobreathe!
After we both got around for the day we drove to an Indian restaurant called 'Flavors' in Bentonville. We watched the Hundred Foot Journey months ago [great movie] and Josh has been interested in the food ever since. I had my fair share in college through taking different cultural courses.
 We ate & then traveled to Gentry, Arkansas to visit the zoo. It was really busy and such a nice day. We played with baby cougars and visited with a giraffe after driving through the driven portion. 
After, we stopped by an antique shop called the Chicken Coop. It was amazing! They had an old electric mixer that was a soft vintage pink that I was obsessed with. We didn't need it & don't have the counter space so I left it behind, but I did end up with some great books & VHS tapes for our growing collection. We drove back to Rogers & stopped by Kennedy Coffee Co. for some tea. Josh has a newfound love of tea & has been having fun trying new flavors out. 
Reading me 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom'. 
We ordered Chili's to-go & picked up a Redbox movie called 'the Song' which ended up being a little sad & a modern day adaptation of the King David bible story. I made some smore cookies once we were home & we lit candles & enjoyed our time together! It was an amazing day & I was so grateful to spend it with my best friend in the world.

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