Brush Lovin' [haves & wants]

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Over the past year i've learned a lot about makeup, i.e. application, lasting products, tools of the trade, etc. Something that becomes apparent when studying beauty techniques is the profound need for proper brushes. Earlier last year I wrote a post on brush cleaning 101 & besides the occasional baby shampoo bath my brushes get, my choice cleaning method is still the same. I've collected info on numerous brushes & compiled them into a mental wishlist over the past year. Below i've provided a list of brushes i've tried & loved, as well as the tools i'd love to own. Enjoy!
The NARS Ita is a great option for precise contouring with a bronzer along the cheek bones, forehead, jawline.
The Sigma F80 is known to be one of the best foundation brushes. It doesn't collect the product into the bristles but rather dispenses it evenly onto the skin.
The Sigma F86 is a tapered brush which allows for undereye powder to be placed easily & prevents concealer to become oily/cakey.
The MAC 242 brush is a great option for eyeshadow & places shadow smoothly along the lid.
Sigma E65 is a small angled brush which works perfectly with gel liners to create a smooth liner look.
The Laura Mercier fan brush places highlighter shades above the cheek bones, along the nose, ect.
I purchased these first 2 Real Technique brushes the weekend of my wedding since I planned on doing my own makeup for the event. The Stippling brush acted as my foundation brush but has since been used to apply my cream blushes.
The Expert Face brush was used as my powder brush but I now use it as a bronzer brush.
This ELF brush is extremely cheap yet so dense and has a great application of shadows.
The SOHO beauty sponge is an excellent alternative to a Beauty Blender, just make sure to use it damp!

There you have it--my 'haves & wants' of the brush world. Which brushes can you not live without? I'd love to know!

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