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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I know, I know. It's January & probably really cold where you live. Why am I bringing up self tanning when we're covered head to toe in fleece & boots? Recently I've noticed the amount of swimwear being put on display in local stores & it influenced my decision to break out my favorite self tanning products to create a nice base tan before it gets warm enough to lay by our apartment's pool! (I can't wait.) In Arkansas it's been in the fifties & sunny so i'm soaking up every second with long walks & rolled down windows. With this weather I can't help but want to prep for summer by adding a few changes to my beauty routine.
I've tried a lot of self-tanning options over the past 8 years. I remember going to school with orange hands, ankles & knees because I hadn't learned the importance of exfoliating & moisturizing before applying my built-in self tanning concoction at the tanning salon (you live, you learn). Through many trials, I feel like i've pinpointed what works for my skin in terms of adding a bronze glow to my usual fairness. Below i've shared what products have worked without fail & how I utilize them to get the best application.
Jergens Natural Glow body & face lotion is my favorite post-shower combo. Since it is still winter I have my fair share of dry skin. The best method is to use an exfoliating body wash in the shower & follow up with these 2 products. Use sparingly on elbows, knees, etc. since it will cling to dry patches. I use fair to medium & if used every day, I notice a difference within 3 days.
   If you're a night shower type of girl, I recommend using the Jergens method (above) before bed & letting fully dry before putting on your sleepwear. For the morning, try putting 3-4 drops of this Clarins facial self-tanner into your moisturizer, mixing thoroughly in your palm & applying to your face & neck. It creates a stunning glow. Be sure to let dry before applying your primer/makeup. 
If you're looking for a good tanning oil for vacation or poolside, I always gravitate toward Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning oil. I use tanning oil with an SPF & apply to my arms/legs where I rarely (if ever) burn. I use a much higher SPF elsewhere. As for a light lotion which could moisturize the typical dry spots, St. Ives has a great spray lotion. Just spray, rub in & apply your self-tanner on top of it to avoid any overly tan spots.
 The Million Dollar Tan products are comparable to a (really good) spray tan you'd receive at the salon. They offer multiple versions of tanner but the one i've used is the spray bottle tanner+lotion facial tanner. Both give an incredible color payoff which lasts about 5 days in my opinion. This tanning method takes much more effort than those previously mentioned. I highly suggest shaving & using an exfoliating bath mit right before application as well as moisturizing with a light lotion. If your husband/mom/friend etc. is around, have them spray & 'paint' your back because it gets a little tricky. Also be very careful with application because although i've heard it's streak free, that hasn't always been the case with my personal application experience. Use a headband to pull hair back & make sure you blend into your hairline & jawline. The dark color payoff is worth it for special events or every day wear (I use the EXTREME version).

What self-tanner do you love?

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