Goodbye 2014!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's surreal to see 2014 end. I feel like I was just starting this year as a newly engaged woman, living in Oklahoma. This year has been one of the most challenging yet wonderful years i've yet to experience. I was able to complete a 24 day challenge as soon as the year started--keeping off 12 lbs throughout the year. I grew in my ability to draw near to the Holy Spirit. I learned so much more about my interests (makeup application, blogging, photography, tutorial production, etc.) I overcame (most days) my extreme anxiety & took on a work position that I would have never been able to fulfill over a year ago. I became a wife & learned that I love being one. We moved into our 2-bedroom apartment in Rogers, AR. & really learned how to function as a team while depending on the Lord. So with 2014 wrapping up, I feel like it's customary to share my goals for the New Year. My first being the continuation of reading the Truth. I started a year long bible reading plan this month so I will be finishing the end of next year which is so exciting to me. I'll be starting a cleanse with Josh tomorrow for 10 days & there is a good chance we will extend the 10 days to a full out 24 day challenge. I hope to complete this with as much self-discipline as I did last year & gain better health as a result. I want to learn to run again. It used to be a great escape to help cope with anxiety & stress but it's been awhile since i've really ran. I'm excited to relearn & rack up the miles again. I want to enjoy social gatherings & get-togethers without stress. I want to take on more worship on Sundays & perform with confidence. I want to keep up a consistent blogging schedule. And the biggest goal? I want to blog full time by the end of next year. I think we all have that one really big goal that we often don't share in fear of failure, but I'm so ready to turn this passion of mine into full-time work. Will it happen? We'll just have to wait & see :) Happy New Year to each of my readers & thank you so much for contributing to the now thousands of views this little blog of mine gets each month. You are so appreciated.

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