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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

 Jamberry Nails have become increasingly popular. I hadn't had a chance to try them out until recently & now i'm planning to include them in a few Christmas gifts. My nails grow extremely fast so the only downfall is growing away from the decal base. With nail polish I can switch up colors once my nails start to grow. However, Jamberry doesn't allow peeling or chipping that you get from wearing polish on your nails. I think that's worth the growth problem. The only problem I came across was filing the excess off at the end of the process. This wasn't a glitch in the product, I have a glass nail file & in the video they use a normal nail file so I would assume that makes a difference. Below I show you the steps I took to adding Jamberry accents to my nails + included the application video I chose to view before starting to apply the decals. You can view this video & see the HUGE collection of styles on the Jamberry website located HERE.

What you'll need:
Rubbing Alcohol.
Nail file.
Jamberry nail wraps.
Jamberry cuticle oil.
Nail clippers.
Blow dryer or other heat source.

First, remove all nail polish from nails & then clean nails with alcohol.
Remove chosen decal & heat with dryer to make more flexible.
Press along nail bed & rub decal back & forth to bond. Heat again with dryer once on nail. Clip excess & file in an up & down motion to make decal the same length as nail.
If you have the Jamberry cuticle oil, apply now.

& that's it! Fun nails for 2 weeks.

How mine turned out:
Other Examples of Jamberry Wraps (images found via Pinterest & google images):
In my area, shellac manicures cost approximately $45 & last two weeks before becoming less shiny & start to peel. Jamberry nails are said to last two weeks as well, but cost $15.
 If you don't have a Jamberry rep, contact Elani Parker & view her page here & here.

My week via IG:
*As a recipient of Jamberry nail accents I am sharing about products I received to review however all opinions are my own.

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