Closet Case: Winter Cleaning

Monday, November 17, 2014

In most cases, when you move to a new place you will have one spot, area or room that gets put off until last to organize. Until recently, this place was our second bedroom. After a few weekends of cleaning & organizing we finally have a spotless second bedroom. All of those extra shoe boxes, bags & accessories that I had been storing in that bedroom? They found their way into my closet. And by my closet I mean in any space they could fit. I use the closet in our bedroom & Josh uses the closet in the second bedroom. This works out great for us because 1.) I have a ridiculous amount of stuff. 2.) He gets up at least 2 hours before me each day & can get ready without banging around in the dark to find his suits for work. Today I took on the task of organizing my closet. I'm still not 100% finished as I would like a taller shoe unit so the majority aren't stored in bins & i'm also considering color coding it, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Below are before & after shots.
What's that I see? Oh! A floor...

Sneakers & shorter boots were all pushed to the back right corner, as organized as I could get them.
Scarves are hung on the closet door. I was happy to have this extra open space at the end for the 3 loads of laundry I found in the closet that were somehow, intentionally perhaps, overlooked the past week. :)

Does anyone else feel like their world is so much brighter, fresher & cleaner once you organize a main source of clutter?

Are you planning a clean up of your closet space over the winter months?

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