A Letter To My Husband:1 Month

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dear Josh,

Today we've been married for a month. One month ago I walked down the aisle to your sweet smile, not looking away for a second while I took it all in. We finally made it after 3.5 years of distance, travel & hopeful, made up plans to get us by. We always said that day would come but actually living it was a fairy tale. The past month has been so easy. I thank you for that. I heard about how difficult the transition into married life would be, but they have it all wrong. We have so much fun just being together & I can't imagine life any other way.
We're going to make it in this world while glorifying God in the process & that's so exciting to me. What would we do without God? We wouldn't have made it, that's for sure. Seeing God work in you & through you each day is a gift that i will always treasure. I can't wait to watch you do great things. You're already doing them. I'll always be supportive of what you choose to do because I know your actions are led by Christ--each & every one of them. Thank you for daily encouragement, for leaving notes reminding me that I am highly favored & pursued by the Lord. Thank you for believing in this blog & letting me talk your ear off about all the hope I have in it.
Each month that goes by will be a learning period, a new season of marital bliss. I am thankful for your constant love. Thank you for leading by example. I love finding your half read books around the apartment & your green composition notebooks filled with the Truth. I love when you wake me up right before you leave for work so I can tell you I love you & to drive safely. I love that I can wear your jackets & sweats any time I want because there is something so comforting about that. But mostly I love sharing a space of our own, falling asleep next to you & learning something new about you every day.

I will never get used to you.

Love, Jordan

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