Wedding Advice from a Newlywed

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

As of today, i've been a wife for 3 days. You may be wondering why I feel compelled to give advice on this subject seeing as how i'm a complete newbie in this area--but my advice is strictly wedding related. I don't have a lot of marital advice besides seek God first in all areas of your marriage. But with time comes wisdom & maybe one day I will be able to share helpful knowledge about being a wifey. For now, i'll stick with wedding advice since it's fresh on my noggin. I've compiled a list of 10 aspects below for the newly engaged women who needs a starting point in their planning. Enjoy!

1.) Depending on the amount of time you've given yourself to be engaged, you don't need to plan it all at once. We had a 10 month engagement. If I had a limitless budget I have no doubt I could have put it all together in just a few months. But the stretched out planning will save you money (since you won't be jumping on the first option) and will help keep stress away.

2.) Somewhat similar to #1, compare prices! There's a good chance you already know someone through a friend who can supply you with those plates & cups for the reception or linens for the tables.

3.) Be open minded. I highly suggest this. You may have a dream of your perfect day, but the truth is that there's a good chance that dream won't be fulfilled 100%. Be open minded to changing plans. I ended up leaving certain aspects up in the air for others to handle & it all turned out wonderfully. I was open minded about not having a set plan & it turned out great for our wedding.

4.) Don't be a control freak. Again, things will not be exactly what you dream up & that's completely fine. Your wedding day is a rollercoaster of emotions & the last thing you want to stress about is whether or not the venue is going to remember to play your entrance music on time. Leave it in God's hands & enjoy your day--the planned & not so planned.

5.) It's about your husband too. This is a hard one. There's a good chance your husband has had limited planning involvement in this process but don't let that take away from the fact that this day is also about him. This will be his special day of memories too--be gentle & kind with him. Let him take it all in alongside yourself.

6.) You won't get a chance to talk to everyone--they'll understand. This is my biggest upset from the reception. The day was absolutely wonderful & I wouldn't change a thing, but I do wish I had more time to talk with friends & family. Just remember that (depending on the size of your wedding) there are 150 of them & only 1 of you. It's understandable if you don't get that picture with your aunt or say hello to your friend from out of town. No hard feelings there--don't beat yourself up.

7.) Keep an eye on your husband when you walk down the aisle. I should say keep your eyes ONLY on your husband. I did this & just seeing him smiling calmed me down so much. The walk is a complete blur but I still remember his reaction & that's priceless.

8.) It's okay if Sally brings Bob as a date even though Bob is the last person you want at your wedding. There's a good chance this will happen unless you have a private, intimate ceremony. This goes along with being a control freak--just accept it. This person may even be touched by your ceremony & it could benefit their way of life. At the end of the day you won't even think about the fact that they were in attendance since the wedding is so much more meaningful than that.

9.) Let your bridal party & friends help you. Let them do the harder things that day. If they're in your bridal party it's most likely because they're your best friends who would do anything for you. Let them take the pressure off of you by helping that day. They won't mind one bit & you will feel so relieved.

10.) Allow yourself to feel beautiful. On this day, choose to ignore your insecurities. Remind yourself this is a ceremony rooted in Christ's love & he thinks you are stunning-- & so does your hubby. Those insecurities seem so small next to that kind of love.

Whether you are newly engaged, a month away from your ceremony or still dating & hopeful of a future wedding, I hope this serves as encouragement for you & your future special day! Just remember a marriage is the most beautiful gift so don't get wrapped up in wedding details--the best is yet to come!

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