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Sunday, October 26, 2014

I'm in a new state with a new last name. I have a new group of co-workers, new neighbors, new opportunities, etc. I've never been scared of change. In fact, it mostly excites me. Finding balance & routine in the midst of the newness has proved to be just as fun as the chaotic moving, traveling & planning. As the newness is all winding down & comfort is setting in, I have my mind on something i've always planned to establish within my own family. This something is tradition. Tradition for holidays, home-life, special occasions, church Sundays, spontaneous adventures & so on. I'm a planner, list-maker & I love to come up with ideas for the future that will bring those I love joy. During a recent trip to Barnes & Noble during a last minute date night this weekend, I was browsing the Christian fiction section. I came across a row of Christmas themed books & thought I should start reading this series each Christmas... these thoughts come frequently. As a new wife I hope to find exactly what my husband enjoys to eat when exciting news comes about. I hope to create a comfortable home where we can unwind & enjoy each others company after long days. I hope to make great hot chocolate with just the right amount of marshmallows for my kids on cold winter nights like my mom did for me & my brother growing up. I hope to have big Sunday dinners each week, wear matching pj's for Christmas [though Josh hasn't agreed to that one yet], visit a pumpkin patch each October, build living room forts on family nights, surprise Josh with random apple pies, volunteer each year for special events in the community, take family vacations, visit historic sites & really master the art of tradition with those I love. The amazing thing is that once the wedding is over [i.e. all of the planning] --we're married & can now create a special place together, experience a new family dynamic & maintain a safe haven as a couple devoted to following the Lord. Do I hope to create lasting traditions within this new home of ours? Of course. But the important thing is to test out what works for us. To really be open to success & even failure. If that Pinterest pie comes out all wrong when I just wanted to surprise him for no reason? I'll be okay. What matters is taking on the newness together & creating unique memories. We may be terrible fort-makers [though unlikely-i had fort skills as a kid], but our laughter over the pile of pillows & blankets in the living room is what really matters & that laughter is so much more meaningful than a perfectly planned out tradition.

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  1. new traditions are always a good thing. But seriously... you looked stunning in your wedding picture!!!!