Makeup Basics for the Gym

Monday, June 16, 2014

I had a conversation via Instagram a few months ago about the negativity toward women who wear makeup at the gym. I don't understand why anyone has an opinion on this, seeing as how the point of being at the gym is to get healthy. Why is makeup an issue? If you prefer to be bare faced while working out then stick to it. Do what works for you. What I found after stating that I prefer a basic makeup look at the gym, is that almost everyone agreed with me. If I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror looking a little extra put together, there's a good chance I'll work a little harder. I compare it to dressing up for presentations & tests. If we put a little effort into our appearance, it alters our work ethic. That being said, i've tried out a lot of different makeup over the years which have also been worn to & from the gym. Below you will find a list of tried & true products which have had staying power for me--I hope they'll work great for you as well!
Neutrogena products are great for multiple reasons. They provide great staying power & clear up your skin while wearing them since most of their foundations contain salicylic acid acne treatment. If i'm wearing makeup to the gym, i'll focus on one face product for covering any blemish, redness or discoloration--and I typically will forget the concealer & powder. This is a great option if that's something you plan to do since it is a better coverage than just a BB cream. 
 A light blush/bronzer combo saves room in your makeup bag & gives you a quick option for brightening your skin for the day. I recommend a light pink shade on the apples of your cheeks + a little contour action on the jawline, forehead & cheek bones. Sculpt that face out & I swear your confidence level will rise! I love that contouring is essentially just working with your own natural beauty to shape a good canvas. 
MAC eyeshadow in soft brown is so versatile. For the gym, it creates just a little more definition to the eyes if placed in the crease. However, you can use it as a transition shade in your daily full face routine.
The Rimmel ScandalEyes Kohl liners have great staying power. It's really a great product for a drugstore purchase. Use the nude liner on your lower waterline to make your eyes appear larger & brighter. It looks much less harsh than a white liner & black liner will. Tightline (line your upper water line) with the black kohl liner for fuller looking lashes without having to perfect a top of the lash liner placement. 
 My go-to mascara has been Milani for months now. I've tried so many drugstore mascaras, & this has been the greatest (& cheapest) so far. I wear it almost daily & also to a high impact cardio fitness class I take twice a week. I've never had an issue with running/smudging.
Last but not least, these remover wipes are amazing! I have a ritual post-workout & that includes keeping these wipes in my console, wiping my makeup off on my way home & then cleansing with the Neutrogena makeup remover facewash & the Revlon cleansing brush.
Whether you prefer a makeup-less face or a basic routine, do what makes you most comfortable. The important thing is that you make it into the gym!
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