How to Get Beachy Hair

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This hairstyle looks effortless for summer & also looks great with a floral or beaded headband. The benefit of this style is even women with straight hair can get a bit of wave.
What You'll Need: Wide tooth comb, curl enhancing mouse/gel, curl enhancing spray, diffuser, bobby pins, texture spray, curling wand.
I had just showered & my hair was damp.
The first step is to brush out hair with a wide tooth comb. 
Next, you'll apply a mouse or curl enhancing gel to the combed through hair.

Take your diffuser & diffuse hair until only slightly damp.

Next, take hair by medium sized pieces & begin to twist until the hair twists into itself. Then gather at the root & pin with bobby pins.

Take your curl enhancing spray & lightly mist your pinned down hair.

Do your makeup/whatever else you need to do around the house while your hair sits. You could even do the steps up until this point at night & sleep on your hair as it's gathered & pinned. Up to you!
Take pins out & untwist pieces. Run your wide tooth comb through hair, loosening the dread-like hair you've created.

Take your hair-dryer & run over hair until it's all dry.

You should have really great volume at this point. Take your curling wand & use on pieces that aren't as wavy as the others. I used my wand on my bangs & 5 other pieces total. The point is to be a bit messy so don't make it perfect.

Lastly, take your texture spray & spritz over hair. Work with hair until it looks how you want.
The End Result:

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