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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I won't lie--my hair & nails have always grown ridiculously fast. I would chop it before summer & by the time school started back up no one would even know it. As I started using more heat products & coloring it more frequently, the pace slowed a bit but it still grows at an above average rate. However, that doesn't mean I don't seek out products to help in the growth department. A little over a year ago I decided to chop extremely damaged hair off into the Julianne Hough angled bob. It was damaged due to a color job by a stylist who decided to use me as a test dummy with her bottle of bleach. Let's just say I literally broke a brush off in it & it wouldn't hold my normal bouncy curls even a second after curling. It was awful. So, I went it for a chop & came out with just that. I'm a long haired girl at heart but I did love this short style. I knew that since my hair grows so fast, I would only get to enjoy it being that short for a little while. Once it hit my shoulders, I started up my typical hair growth remedies & aids, which I'm sharing today.
Picture shows hair 'before' in April 2013 & 'after' May 2014.
First, & hear me out, I wash my hair about twice a week. Sometimes three times, depending on workouts/plans I have. Usually twice is enough. For those of you who are saying 'no WAY could I go that long,' I said that too. It takes patience & training. Oh, and lots of big headbands. Allowing your hair to have natural oils instead of stripping it with daily washes helps with shine, moisturization & overall health. After I trained it to every third day, I discovered 2 dry shampoos that let me go even longer. The first dry shampoo is Dove Refresh & Care ($3.55 at Walmart). This is the first dry shampoo I discovered (I've tried lots) that was a hit from day 1. It smells so great & really absorbs any oils you want to hide. The downside is that it does eventually leave a powder white residue which is a pain to remove from dark brown hair. I think it would be perfect for blondies. The second dry shampoo I recommend is Batiste dry shampoo for dark & deep brown hair ($8 at Walgreens). This dry shampoo doesn't have the fresh scent of the Dove, but the residue isn't there & it does a great absorption job as well. Perfect for all my dark haired sistas.
On the days you plan to wash your hair, shampoo & conditioning treatments are so important. I've read a lot about different types of shampoo & conditioner & I personally choose sulfate free products designed for extra moisture or wavy hair formulas. My current shampoo/conditioner combo is the Not Your Mother's Way to Grow shampoo & conditioner which you can find at Walgreens ($5.39 each). The combo is sulfate free & designed to aid in hair growth & strength.
Once a week I also add some extra deep conditioner to my shower routine to keep up with moisturization. I've used a lot of products for this but my current favorite is the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner ($6.86 at Target). I will either add this to my conditioner or as a second conditioning treatment depending on how much time I have.
If i'm planning to dry my hair after washing, which in most cases I do since I only style it twice a week, I use a heat protectant & leave in treatments. My heat protectant is Paul Mitchell's Heat Seal ($23.50 for 16.9oz).
& my leave in treatment is O'Pro Organic Leave in Conditioner Detangler with olive oil, tea tree oil & vitamin E. 
That's it for products used on my hair. The rest of the items are supplements to take to aid in hair growth. Add good hydration & healthy eating to this list because I do believe our hair's health is a representation of what we put in our bodies.
Super Potency Biotin is a great option for hair health & growth. I took Nature's Bounty Biotin with 5000mcg for awhile. It does it's job but i'm not great at remembering to take pills. If you are, I suggest these.

I also recommend daily vitamins for overall health. If you take care of yourself on the inside it will show on the outside. This means healthy, luscious locks of course. My daily vitamins are in a strip which tells you when to take them (ex: 30min before breakfast, between meals, etc.) & are the MNS Max C supplements from Advocare (purchase here).
It may seem like a lot of work, but in the end it's only 2 days worth of styling & self explanatory daily vitamins. Not too shabby. If this still seems like too much or you feel like you've tried everything to get your hair to grow longer, I suggest just leaving it alone. If you're a daily/every other day washer then find a way to work with air dryed hair. Keep the heat away from it & let it do it's own thing. I've heard so many times from people that they couldn't believe how much their hair had grown after 6 months of just putting it back in a braid/ simple updo instead of styling it with heat. It all depends on personal preference--& as always, if you know of any miracle products helpful with growth please let me know! Have a happy rest of the week. xoxo

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