20 Summer Date Ideas

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I met my fiance in the summer. On our first date we bonded over snow cones & talked til dark. We still celebrate summer over Tiger's Blood snow cones & (mostly I) make lists before each summer with plans of what to do together once the heat hits. Below i've listed 20 ideas for a couple to take part in over the summer months, but some could also be enjoyed with friends.
Happy summer!
1. Roadtrip. Bring homemade snacks or a picnic, load up a blanket, camera, water, a map, a good mixed cd & just drive. Some of our favorite moments are spent on the road driving aimlessly. You learn a lot about your significant other this way.
2. Go to a drive-in movie theater. Again, plan on loading your car down with items such as blankets, pillows, snacks & a camera. Let's just agree that a camera is included in each of these ideas. I'm a bit of a picture hoarder.
3. Build a fort & tell stories. I don't care how old you are--If you're in your nineties & you see a fort in the living room, you'll want to crawl under & get comfy. While you're embracing a thing of your childhood, continue while telling stories about yourself growing up. I laugh the hardest whenever my fiance is retelling stories about himself as a kid, growing & making (often funny) mistakes.
4. Plan a photoshoot. Some men will hate this idea, my guy included, but there's a good chance they'll enjoy it once it starts. Take your camera (charge your battery in advance!) & find a pretty setting to take fun pictures. These little random photoshoots come in handy in the future if you ever make memory books via Shutterfly or Walgreens.
5. Go to a local sporting event. I love the atmosphere of a summer night baseball game. Even if sports aren't your thing, going to the event & having ice-cream & hotdogs while enjoying the company is reason enough to spend a night by the field.
6. Watch the sunrise together. My fiance & I both love early mornings. The only difference is that if mine are too early, I need a nap to make up for it later...but watching the sunrise together in a serene place you've both picked out is a great reason to roll out of bed extra early.
7. Have a movie marathon. Our marathon choice is always Disney themed. I'm talking Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Tangled, Brave, etc. Set a theme & then check your local library for free check-outs, Netflix, etc.
8. Try a new sport together. I played tennis for a short stint in high-school & still enjoy playing from time to time. I carry rackets, softball gloves & other equipment in the trunk of my car in the summer time in case an opportunity presents itself to play together.
9. Go hiking. My fiance has been on a lot of trails & loves to revisit them & show me around. Let them be happy about leading you in activities. You'll get some great pictures, exercise & bonding time in those moments.
10. Walk around a quaint little town. We were engaged in Bentonville, AR which has always reminded me of Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls). We've ventured through the town together multiple times but I always get excited about holding hands, walking through the little shops & finding a place to eat together.
11. Go to a concert. There are lots of opportunities in the summer for free music. Check your local newspaper, your city's FB page or website for a listing of local events which could be a great option for a date night. Bring chairs & water & enjoy the summer evening together.
12. Play classic games--with a twist. Have you seen the 'messy Twister' game idea on Pinterest? Think about your favorite game as a couple & then make up new rules.
13. Go to a museum together. I could spend hours exploring a museum, even if i've been there before. Find an option which both of you are interested in & map out a route so that you each see what you like & make the most of your time there.
14. Have a bonfire or fire-pit night. Buy smores items, play a fun summer Pandora station & talk while roasting marshmallows. So simple yet so fun & meaningful.
15. Bike to your local farmers market, pick out items together & then cook a healthy meal as a couple. Finding the recipe together is a good idea as well so that each person enjoys what you'll be making.
16. Staying with the cooking theme, cook his favorite dinner for him & light some candles/ decorate the table. Set it all up outdoors on a starry night. You don't need a holiday or special occasion to make this happen.
17. Have a bible study together outdoors. This doesn't have to be formal or planned, just find a verse/book you can discuss together in a pretty setting. It will bring you closer together in the best way.
18. (For the men) Plan a surprise date for her. Buy the dress she's been mentioning, hang it where she'll find it & leave a note telling her when to be ready. Take her to dinner & ask her questions. Be kind in your words & listen intently. These little actions mean so much.
19. Craft together. This one is actually really funny & my fiance would argue that I tend to take over due to my perfectionist nature, but watching him try is equal parts cute & funny.
20. Volunteer together. I'm sure that your hometown has a church seeking help with VBS or a shelter needing help serving, tending to the tenants. Helping others can & will bring you closer together & give you another activity to bond over.

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