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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It was so fun working with Taylor Hoagland, team USA softball member & former Texas Longhorn, on a post for all of my fitness fans & athletic ladies! Thank you for your post, Taylor & I look forward to having you as a contributor in the future :)

    Hey y’all! So how exciting is this?! This is my first time blogging about fashion…and probably for good reason haha! Just kidding. I love clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, dresses…you know, the whole shebang! Which most would assume the complete OPPOSITE for a girl who is really, really, REALLY…into sports. But SURPRISE! I love sports AND dresses! And I wanted to take a few moments to talk about how I express all the sides of my crazy, crazy life through fashion!

    Okay. The most important thing about fashion, (at least in my opinion), is to be comfortable; not just in your clothes, but in your skin as well. When you wake up each morning, you decide on whom you want to be that day, which will shine through the outfit you choose. Whether it sheds a positive or negative light is up to you! And girls…PLEASE…it is OKAY to switch it up! When I decide on what to wear, it’s like playing dress up every day! If I want to be a cowgirl, I’M GOING TO PULL ON MY BOOTS. If I want to pretend like I am a part of the Zetas, guess what…I’M GOING TO SLIP ON MY NIKE SHORTS. If I want to show that I can be serious and confident in my work, I’LL PROBABLY THROW ON A BLAZER AND A REALLY EXPENSIVE WATCH THAT MY MOM BOUGHT ME. SO WHAT. JUDGE ME. You do NOT have to have one set style…that’s the best part about fashion! You can be whoever you want to be! So let your YOU shine through!

    As far as hair and makeup though, I’m one of those where makeup is not very important…but my HAIR…that’s a different story. I will never, ever, ever leave the house without my hair being somewhat cute…but I also don’t brush it sometimes haha…so sometimes I have to go the cute, messy route (that’s where hats and headpieces are essential ladies). I love braids, hair accessories, hippie headbands, hairspray, and curls. Again, hair can be so versatile, so take pride in how you walk out of the house! And don’t use the excuse “I’m an athlete, I don’t care what my hair looks like,” because all I hear is “blah blah blah, I’m actually just really lazy.” THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK PRESENTABLE. Now, makeup…I have three words for makeup. LESS is MORE. The less you wear, the more people can see. But I’m also not one for outrageous eye shadow or crazy colors either. But if you love purple, then by gosh, WEAR THE PURPLE. Do what makes you feel confident and beautiful! I mean, that’s what this is all about right?

    Now, this part is for all my ladies that are really into working out. You can LOOK like a lady and still LIFT like a boss. IT IS GOING TO BE OH-KAY. There are tons of cute, comfy, affordable workout clothes out there! Going to the gym should not be a fashion show. But you can definitely make it into a workout show. Do you want to stop boys in the gym with the amount of clothes you are lacking, or the amount of weight that you are lifting? THAT is the question.

    Moral of the story here is that just because you play sports, or like sports, or are an athlete of some sort, doesn’t mean you can’t take pride in the way you look. You spend lots of time focusing on what goes in your body, now let’s focus on what goes on our body! Take pride in the way you look! You never know, you could meet your significant other, your future boss, or your next client at ANY time…and the last thing you want to do is be wearing sweats and a bun on your head.

Until next time though,

Hook ‘Em! \m/

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