Makeup Brush Storage & Cleaning Routine

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cleaning brushes is always tedious, but once the deed is done it's so nice to pick up a clean brush to apply your makeup for the day! I will admit I put it off longer than I should, but immediately am thankful I started the process once i see how much makeup & bacteria fall off the bristles (so gross). I've tried multiple brush cleaners, but the one I keep coming back to is the Sonia Kashuk Brush & Sponge Cleaner (available at Target for $6.29). Spray this directly on the bristles, work into a lather on your palm making sure to coat all of the brush then rinse while continuing to work the product through under warm water until the water runs clear. This stuff REALLY works. It's amazing! I wish i had a before picture, but I zeroed in on one of my dirtiest brushes for an after shot to show that it looks brand new once again after using the cleaner. I highly recommend it. If there isn't a Target near you or you prefer using what you already have on hand, baby shampoo also works great. The gentler the shampoo the better--so you don't damage your bristles! Do the same process mentioned above, focusing more on the bristles so that the glue which bonds the bristles to the holder won't loosen. After this process, gently squeeze excess water out of the brushes & reshape. Lay flat on an absorbent towel while you finish with the rest of your tools.
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As for brush storage, i've used different methods throughout the years as well. Most recently I learned how to de-candle Bath & Body Works signature candle holders once they are all used up. These are perfect for brush storage. To do this, take a sharp fork or knife & chip away at what is left in the bottom. This isn't too difficult & it comes out in chunks. After, take Goo Gone & wipe with a rough rag to take the label off of the candle.
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 Place the candle in your dishwasher & run as normal. Your candle holder will now be empty & ready for brush storage! I opted to place beads from my childhood at the bottom of my holder to bring more color onto my dresser. I've also found images via Pinterest for more ideas on what you can do with yours. 
The benefit of using these as holders is the convenience of reaching for a brush without opening drawers & bags while digging to find what you need.
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The difference in my skin is tremendous when i keep up with weekly brush cleanings. Just like washing your pillow cases frequently, this process is important in the measures we should take to help our skin out. :)

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