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Monday, May 26, 2014

Do you ever wake up late on weekends craving something a little sweet? This recipe is so easy yet satisfies any sweet tooth. I was browsing Pinterest one evening & made sure to save this idea to my breakfast folder. The cooking method is the same as the recipe I found, however I opted to change up the filling ingredients & type of bread used. 
Recipe & Ingredients listed below. 
What You'll Need (What I Used):
Honey Wheat Bread
Sugar & Cinnamon
2 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Skim Milk
Low Fat Cream Cheese
Natural Peanut Butter
Take bread (as many pieces as you'd like) & trim crusts off. Give crusts to birds!
Use rolling pin to flatten each slice of bread.
Combine eggs & milk in one bowl. Combine sugar & cinnamon (i didn't measure) in separate bowl. Set both aside.
Spread nutella, PB & cream cheese on each slice of bread. I did 2 of each since I was cooking for 2 so we could both try out each spread.
Chop strawberries & bananas & place in center of each slice, on top of spread.
Take a heaping scoop of butter & heat in skillet on stove.
Roll slices up & dunk in eggs & milk, coating all around.
Place in skillet, turning so each side becomes golden brown.
Remove from skillet & roll in cinammon/sugar mixture.
Place on serving dish & provide maple syrup for dipping.
This recipe would also be great with sausage or bacon if you are cooking for a hungrier crowd.
Super simple & so delicious!

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