DIY 'Honey-Dipped' Hair

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DISCLAIMER! **I am a little too brave when it comes to hair color. I'll slap it all on & hope for the best--this means I have made HUGE hair mistakes in the past & have to pay the price. (literally--to get it fixed.) Please know this may NOT work for your hair & could damage/turn it a funky color. I'm not saying run out & do this to your hair! This is what worked for ME. Please test a small piece of hair before applying it all over if this is something you choose to do. I'm the kind of girl that crosses her fingers for the best outcome but I don't want any angry viewers coming after me because their hair turned bright orange! I also know professional stylists are going to see this as a very bad idea--I trust your professional opinions & value them but i'm a little rebel with hair. I know there is a healthier way to achieve color. I trusted a stylist a couple years ago to do this & it fried my hair to the point of having to chop it below my jaw line. This time around, doing it myself, it LUCKILY turned out just fine & is still soft/holds curl. So this worked out for me..Just wanted to warn EVERYONE that this could potentially turn b-a-d--So please consider all of your options & the outcomes before you think about diy-ing your own hair! :)
A favorite past time of mine is watching beauty tutorials on Youtube. It's so relaxing & can put me to sleep in an instant if I watch someone do their own weird. I know. Last night I found Jessie James's Youtube account with her beauty tutorials. I have to first say I am SO in love with her hair. It's stunning. So when I saw she had a tutorial teaching how she achieves the 'honey-dipped' look I had to watch. Most of the time I say to myself 'I can do that' which leads to multiple beauty purchases and trial & error. This morning I went out to purchase the Revlon color kit she uses in the tutorial only to find the store I went to didn't carry it. I opted for a box of Clairol which looked similar. (again, too brave) and took it home. I ran it through tiny pieces, putting most product on the end & fading it to lighter upwards, ending about 2 inches before my roots, til my entire head was covered--then waited about 20ish minutes with the color on before washing, conditioning, drying & styling. I'm really pleased with the color & how healthy my hair still feels. I'll be repeating the process in about 6 weeks because i'm determined to get Jessie's color (or close to it) Below you'll find her tutorial, some honey dipped inspo & my end result of my first try--enjoy & again, please TEST a small strand FIRST & really consider the fact that this may not work for you/your hair type!
Tutorial I followed--always study multiple times if you are trying out a new beauty look! 
My hair after one run through of Clairol Frost & Tip for dark hair.
What I used

What Jessie uses
A little honey-dipped inspo:

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