Our Engagement Story {Dec 27, 2013}

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I got to Arkansas to visit Josh around 2pm Fri, Dec 27, 2013. He got off work at 5 so around 5:30 we got online & looked up restaurants to eat at that night. He kept asking about really nice, expensive places but I didn't bring anything very nice to wear out so I was like nooo, somewhere casual. So we ended up at this cozy place in Bentonville, AR that was really yummy.
After that we went downtown to Bentonville which is a lot like Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls. Super cute, charming town that i LOVE. The Christmas lights were still up and lit. We parked & started walking & he asked me if I wanted to take a carriage ride & I was feeling adventurous so I said why not?! We didn't have to wait at all for the carriage ride & it was really fun.
 We got off & got hot chocolate then walked around some more, went by an art museum & took random pictures, watched an ice rink for a bit & then started walking back. The whole night he kept saying 'take a picture'. He NEVER says that to me but i'm oblivious Jo.
 So we were almost to the corner of the town center which was all lit up & gorgeous. He stopped & said again, 'take a picture!' So I get my camera out & got all sassy & said 'of what?! You're face?!' & then I saw his hand slip into his coat pocket & before I knew it he was on one knee asking if I would marry him. I said 'OH MY GOSH.' 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?!' 'THAT'S THE PRETTIEST RING I'VE EVER SEEN!' 'I LOVE YOU!' 'YES!!!!' In that order. Then a cute couple walked by right then & said 'We just saw that happen!! So awesome!!' & we had them take our picture right after. It was like I was in a dream. Josh laughed the whole time at my reaction.

Jordan Linna

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