My 24 Day Challenge Experience & Results

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My fiance Josh has been an Advocare distributor since a few months after we started dating (going on 3 years ago.) After he told me he was interested in it I looked up reviews online to form an opinion. It sounded like a good company & I was also happy he would be spending time with good hearted Christian people since it was a few months after he had decided to live for the Lord. Fast forward to now & he has grown as a person through the company by meeting new people, learning leadership skills & personal development. Although I had told him previously I had no interest in joining the company other than utilizing the products (because they're awesome) I decided to attend Success School in Dallas with him in the summer of 2012. I went in with a negative attitude since I had already decided it wasn't for me & left with the same cynical opinion. I just wanted to use the products. Not distribute them. This past December Josh provided me with the 24 day challenge bundle as a Christmas gift (the other was an engagement ring!) & I decided to start the challenge on Jan 1, 2014. I was extremely motivated due to being recently engaged & began with determination. 
The challenge is a combination of 2 phases. The first phase lasts 10 days & is called the 'herbal cleanse'. Before you get all 'but I don't want to spend all day in the bathroom' hear me out. It's a GENTLE cleanse. It is not designed to give you diarrhea. You eat a clean, balanced diet & take a fiber drink in the morning, herbal cleanse tablets at night & a probiotic. (Check out THIS link for an exact schedule of the phases). The second phase is 14 days & is called the 'Max phase'. You take a series of supplements called MNS at certain times throughout the day. The tablets are inside little packets which tell you exactly when you should take them so it's easy peasy. You eat a balanced diet during this phase as well. I was SO proud of myself to accomplish this 24 day goal. I will say I had my weak moment with a cupcake but stopped at 2 small bites & it was dark it's only half as bad, right? :) I unfortunately didn't take measurements which drove Josh crazy, but I weighed before & after. I lost 14 pounds in the 24 days, learned to cook clean, quit soda & sugary drinks & fell in love with living a healthy lifestyle. I have also reconsidered the role of Advocare distributor & plan to attend a few meetings this week to learn more about that side of the company. I KNOW these products work wonders. I will say that you have to be willing to WORK & put in the effort. Great things do not come easy. You can take the supplements & continue poor eating habits + a sedentary lifestyle, but if you truthfully want results & put in the time to prepare healthy meals, drink tons of water & workout you will be SO pleased with the results! 
If you have any questions about the Challenge or any other products, please contact me at or visit  to see what products might be right for you & your needs!

Jordan Linna

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