A Summer Change

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Eeeek! Summer officially begins for me in 6 days. This isn't counting my grad ceremony on the 11th because that technically doesn't count as school. I can't believe it! I've been feeling extra nostalgic as college is wrapping up. Today I see some of my best friends from high school graduate from OSU and I can't help but wonder where the time went. We have so many great memories from the past four years though and i'm very thankful for that. On another note, I am embracing change as summer approaches. I'm talking a hair color difference, a set fitness and eating plan, joining a book club (which I just found), volunteer opportunities, and praying for a job that will allow me to take time off to spend a week in Myrtle Beach in July (fingers crossed). I am also planning on moving in with my mom. This is not my first choice by any means since I am a very independent person, but financially it just isn't possible for me to have my own apartment at this point. I'm hoping to come to terms with this and stay occupied enough to not make it an issue. So, referring back to the hair color change--i've collected a few images that I am considering for inspiration:
What do you all think? I've luckily found a great stylist who I think could pull any of these off for me. I'm just ready for a change to start the next chapter in my life! Along with a healthy lifestyle, I think a few minor changes is exactly what I will need after graduation.
Jordan Linna


  1. love love love the second one from the bottom ! perfect for summer !

    1. So true!! I love it too so it's definitely a contender :) Thank you for your input!!