My Baptism Day

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I was baptized on April 14, 2013 at the only church that has ever truly felt like home to me. Growing up I attended a few different churches off and on, one baptist church most exclusively, but when I went to college I started attending Journey church in Norman, OK. I went for the first time sophomore year after going through a bad breakup because I knew I needed to rebuild myself spiritually. I'm so happy I did! At first I only attended Lifestream, which is a Tuesday night service for college aged students--mostly consisting of worship and then a sermon applicable to young twenty-somethings. Then I started going to the Sunday services off and on, and ended up loving those too. A goal of mine this year was to be baptized at this church before I moved back home after graduation in May. When they announced a Baptism Bash on the 14th at Lifestream, I knew I needed to sign up. I called Josh and told him it was happening and he told me he'd for sure be there. He came down on the Saturday before and we ate at Chuy's (we love it!) & saw Iron & Wine perform on my campus. The next morning I woke up and packed and then left early with Kristen (my roommate who also got baptized!) for a class we took before the actual baptism. It consisted of receiving a black baptism shirt and reading through the meaning behind a christian baptism. We also held a prayer over those wishing to be baptized. There was the cutest little boy (maybe 8 or 9) in the room during our class with mostly adults and I was so proud of him! His parents walked him in but he did everything else himself. I thought it was so admirable and I hope he continues to walk alongside the Lord the same way he did that day! We attended the 10am service and chose to be baptized at the 11:30am service that morning. Josh's parents decided they were also going to drive down from our home town (2.5 hour drive) to be there. It was so sweet of them and i'm currently looking for a cute thank you card for them. Kristen and I had talked to the women's pastor of our church before it started and asked if she would be willing to baptize the two of us since she would be performing them at the time we chose and she said of course! So the 11:30 group all entered the pool in the lobby (very unconventional) at the same time and the 3 pastors stood in front of us. Our Lifestream pastor Adam was in front of the pool telling the cameras what was happening and asking us each if we were ready to give our lives to Christ and announcing our names. The cameras projected what was happening in the lobby into the main service on the screens so everyone could see. Family and friends were also able to stand in the lobby watching in person as well. After we were baptized we changed and Josh's parents took us to Charleston's for an amazing lunch! I felt so incredibly blessed to be with so many caring people that I love. It was a great experience and I am so happy that I was able to accomplish this goal that has been on my heart for months. The Lord has definitely woken me up since I've turned 22. It will be a daily struggle in order to stay rooted in Christ. Temptation is literally everywhere, but I am coming to realize that He is leading me away from people and things that no longer serve me spiritually and opening new and better doors. I have peace about my future and where I am headed lately which is not something that I would normally be able to say. I am eternally grateful for Christ's love and what He has given me in this life!

Jordan Linna

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  1. Jordan,

    this post is beautiful! Loved reading about a wonderful and special time in your life. Certain churches just feel like home :-)

    XO Jenna