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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm going to be making a post once a week about myself, just throwing facts out there. It's kind of fun to remember things from the past and it also helps form a better understanding as to who I am for you all! Here's the first one. Enjoy!
I was born in Louisiana on an army base on September 3, 1990.
I have one brother named Camden who is 1 year & 11 months older than I am.
I have never lived in anything but rental houses & the thought of owning my own home in the future excites me.
I started reading long books at age 4.
In the first grade I was placed in a class with second graders for a week and observed. I cried every day of it and they decided to not let me skip a grade because I wasn't socially ready.
Growing up I was terrified of getting in trouble at school and thought the end of the world was coming if I did.
I never stayed at a school longer than 3 years until we found a house in my (now) hometown, and I completed 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade there. I didn't live there until 11th grade, though, and my mom drove me and my brother every day so we could transfer.
I played softball for 8 years at first base, 3rd base and a short stint as pitcher. I'm too hard on myself, though, which caused me to quit. Too much pressure and stress. I still hear the 'you could have gotten a scholarship' talk sometimes.
I danced at random studios growing up. I was never taught proper technique which has always frustrated me. My best genre was hip hop and I can still pick up choreography really quickly and can teach choreography well (I like to think).
I can remember almost every dance piece, monologue, song or performance piece in general from growing up. I have a strange and awesome memory.
I can't walk in high heels and I can't skate. Period. My ankles are super weak and it feels like someone is stabbing me if I even try to put these things on my feet. It's unfortunate.
I will be the first person in my family to obtain a bachelor's degree (in May).
I have a soft spot for creative writing and poetry. Always have, always will.
Music is very important to me. I used to lay around on my bedroom floor in my angsty years and reflect on lyrics by Alanis Morissette, Mirah, Devendra Banhart, Tori Amos and a million others. (Did I just admit that??)
Pretty much every high school sleepover (and over night stays to this day) included making up dances, watching How to Deal and Quick Trip food/ drinks.
I love Quick Trip.
I didn't know Jesus until I turned 22. I knew there was something missing in my life and around me before then, but now he fills that space in my heart.
I went to high school with the man I plan to marry one day, which is something I never thought I would say. We also never said one word to each other in high school.
I sucked my thumb until I was 12, I think. And then I had braces for 2 years after. It was my comfort.
I'm the 'mom' of my group. Always making sure every one has a ride, is included, is having fun. I've become more aware of who I spend my energy on as i've gotten older, though. Trying to do this with a Christlike attitude is difficult and something i've been struggling with.
I'm learning every day that some people who I thought I would always be close with won't be in my future and that the Lord will keep those that I need in my life.
I wanted to be Cat Osterman growing up & play first base at UT. I ended up at the rival school, not playing softball. Go figure!
I went to Chicago my senior year of high school with my best friend. I brought $500 and spent most of it on Italian food. I bought one clothing item, a plain green top from H&M. My priorities were obviously right. We took Amtrak to the city and stayed with her aunt and uncle on the outskirts for a few days. I loved it and want to go back.
Jordan Linna

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