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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've been away for far too long! I decided a few weeks ago that I would take some time off from blogging in order to find my 'voice' as a blogger. So technically I am still in that brainstorming process, but I still want to update about this busy time in my life so I can remember the chaos of being a senior in college, fast approaching the end. 

I've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately. 22nd birthdays to be exact. The most recent being my friend Rachel's, who I have been friends with since 10th grade. 
Dinner at In the Raw, massive red velvet cake (that's 1 piece!) and drinks.
Thundertini/ Soonertini--Oklahoma love.
I ordered 75 pictures in order to make a giant collage. It's over my bed now, but I plan to paint a big frame gold and distress it, then rehang. It's all college related memories and I hope I can put it up in my future home (maybe my closet?) one day!
I went to Graduation Gear Up on campus yesterday. I signed our class of 2013 banner & received my cap & gown. I am going back tomorrow for my senior portrait--it's all just very surreal. I've had this overwhelming feeling that something won't work out or that my advisor has overlooked something and that I actually have more credits left than she's aware of. I have a final overview/ clearance meeting next Tuesday to finalize everything, and I am praying it will be smooth sailing and I am exactly where I need to be! What a stressful time. Yikes. 
I've also been emailing different places about internship opportunities for this summer (since i've yet to complete one). I'm praying that the best opportunity comes along and that I recognize it. Just a whole lot of future planning/ stressing over here! It's all happening so fast! Time really flies. 
Sticking with the topic of graduation, i'm trying to make healthy choices and get my booty to the gym daily so I don't cringe when I look back at pictures! 
Here are some motivating images via Pinterest that i've kept on hand:
I've emailed a boxing gym and they told me to come in because my first class is free, but I haven't gone yet! Trying to channel some inner exercise confidence before, I guess. The time in my life when I was at my most fit, I was boxing. I know it's a great workout and it might just relieve the stress I've got going on! 
Have a great week :)
P.S. I chopped all of my hair off, if you were unaware. Safe Haven inspired me. Also, I couldn't run a brush through mine since it was so damaged, so I think it was the right call.
Jordan Linna

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