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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friday morning I loaded three bags too many into my little Honda Civic and drove 4 hours to spend the weekend with the love of my life. It was the kind of weekend we love--no plans, just a lot of whatever we wanted to do. As soon as I got there Friday, we drove 45 minutes to Devil's Den and hiked the Devil's Den Trail & the Yellow Rock Trail. We got a little lost finding our way back on the second trail, but luckily we had a map (he can read them, I can't.) He made us both some yummy chicken, guac & black bean burritos for dinner while I napped (how wonderful is he?!) and we watched 101 Dalmatians before going to sleep. If you didn't know by now, we are a little obsessed with kids movies. We'll pick a Disney movie over anything almost every time. 
On Saturday we woke up & went to a gas station in Rogers that also serves food (and is a health food store.) If I lived there I would eat there all the time. I got the salad bar and had a super yummy salad. 
After lunch we didn't have plans so we went back to his apartment to make some. We decided on venturing to downtown Bentonville. We had driven through it before and it looked like a place I would love. (Somewhat Stars Hollow-esque for any of my Gilmore Girls fans.) We found some really great hidden treasures. I absolutely love exploring together. 
"I like that we are so different. If you were all about business and I was all about art, we wouldn't get the best of both worlds." 
Jordan Linna

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