Weekend Update

Monday, January 14, 2013

 Had to say goodbye to this cutie & yes i've been a big baby about it. I'll get through it like the past 3 semesters, though! 
Ordered my dream camera! (T3i) and it came with an awesome bundle! Should be here Wednesday which is great because i'm enrolled in an intensive photography class this semester :)
As I posted last time, I started weight training this week. Literally STILL sore from this leg workout on Friday--This morning was upper body & I can't lift my arms...but it feels great!
Remember when Josh & I went to a Thunder game at the beginning of break & stayed at my apartment by OKC for a night? Well, he was sneaky & left notes that I would come back to. He is the best!
My pretty friends since high school. Can't believe this is our last semester at OU together! :(
Jordan Linna


  1. Aw sweet notes :)

    I have a T3 - it's soooo amazing! I bet you are loving yours!

  2. Have fun with your T3I! I'm still learning with mine :) You have the right idea of going to a class. I should probably get on that ;)