Bringing in the New Year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey all! I hope you had wonderful & safe NYE's last night! Since my friends and I are over the wild & crazy phases in our lives, we opted for a small get-together at one of our parents homes in our hometown! We ate food, watched the NYE shows, laughed & reminisced, played pool & ping pong, made margaritas & had so much fun! I have a pretty close-knit group here & we all live far away from one another now since that's the way life works. I'm pretty giddy when we get every one together. It's such a blessing.
My party food contribution. Whipped up some funfetti cookies & sausage pinwheels+chips & dip! Easy peasy. 
My gorgeous friends since 8th grade. All Godly women. All inspirational. 
We've been referred to as 'The Bobsey Twins' since 2nd grade softball camp. She & her hubby are bringing another sweet baby boy into the world this year & I am so excited to meet him!
Ashley's a soccer star in NC & a phenomenal woman. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes this year.
My wonderful boyfriend, best friend & adventure partner. I think this year is going to be so great & eventful for us!
My Kimmy is one of the smartest people I know. Top 40 senior at OSU, pre-vet major graduating in May. I am so inspired by her on a regular basis. 
Taking a pool break for a photo opp :)
Tag teaming my brother & Josh :)
It feels refreshing to start a new year. It's a clean state to start over & make more memories.
 I can't to see what 2013 brings :)
Jordan Linna

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