Saturday, December 29, 2012

I've been waiting somewhat patiently for friends to post recent pictures from get togethers that have happened over break so far--with no luck! I am such a quick poster so it's always funny when a month later, a friend tags me in something I forgot about! Anyway, I will just have to post what I have taken so far with my not so perfect phone camera :)
I'll start with a few Christmas shots--Christmas morning, my new Steve Madden Intyce boots, A ring my mom got me!, Seeing White Christmas in Tulsa, hot chocolate & Christmas lights on NYE, Josh's nephew Manny on NYE, walking around our neighborhood!
A couple nights ago Kristen had a Thunder watch party at her house in our hometown and all of our best friends from high school came. It's always SO great seeing everyone! 
I'll include a few randoms as well :) Josh brought me breakfast before he left for Kansas for the weekend, we had an Apples to Apples tourney with my family & he got a little sassy, Josh & my brother playing basketball, Seeing Les Mis with my family!, the gems I found in the $5 bin at walmart!
If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen the majority of these & I apologize! I wanted to catch up on posts, but I'm sure i'll throw together a massive collage once my friends add their pictures! Hope you all have wonderful weekends :)
Jordan Linna

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  1. Love all your Instagrams!

    I need the boots, and I'm not sure I'll make it without those old school CDs. ;)