Christmas Break! (So Far)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas break started last week & it was a whirlwind for the first 5 days, but now i'm getting free time to sit & document what's been happening so far! 
After my last final on Thurs, I drove to my hometown and met Josh so the next morning we could leave for Branson to visit his family. 
Branson is SO beautiful at Christmas time. We were able to see a show with his parents and grandparents and shop around Branson Landing and an outlet mall! 
We got back on Sunday but left Monday afternoon for OKC to see the Thunder play Monday night against the Spurs! (and yes, we won!) It was Josh's Christmas present from me and it was a lot of fun. 
Since having down time in my hometown, i've gotten to see SO many of my closest friends. I absolutely love coming home knowing they will all be here on break as well. It's also refreshing having long talks with them and finding out some will be coming home to live after we all graduate college, since that looks like my plan as of now! 
We had craft/ food night Tuesday night, which resulted in this Thunder painting for Josh. I am by NO means a painter and free hand everything I do so there are a million mistakes, but I have fun doing it! 
I also was able to have lunch with 2 of my closest friends and get my hair done (cut & color) and also got my brows waxed for the FIRST time ever!! I've always been scared they would take too much off but I trust my hometown stylist since i've known her for years, so I told her what I wanted and she did such a great job! I'll post a picture of the hair/ eyebrow combo once I get a good one :) 
So yes, break has been WONDERFUL so far if you couldn't tell. I'm hoping for a lot more get togethers and craft nights that will cancel out the online intersession course I'm taking. 
& sidenote, I started watching Revenge yesterday & love it! Does anyone else watch?? 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Jordan Linna

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