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Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend I drove to Arkansas to see Josh since it had been a little over a month. We didn't have set plans but ended up having a really great & eventful weekend! Here are some pictures from the visit that I posted on my Instagram :)
I drove there on Thursday since I have Friday's off this semester. Before I left I made a quick trip to Target & ended up getting a new ELF palette, which I LOVE. Friday morning we decided to go to the Gentry, AR zoo because they had lion cubs. Depending on the state they're in, visitors can play with the big cats at a certain age. The zoo Josh helps out at can't let anyone around them as cubs. I was really excited to play with them that morning! Josh also helped raise a few of the animals at the Gentry zoo & his zoo has siblings of some of the animals in Gentry as well. 
Me with a sweet baby.
Saturday morning we decided to adventure around Arkansas like we've done before, looking for a spot to put my hammock up. We decided to try the Pea Ridge battle area, which led us to exploring a museum and site of the battle of Pea Ridge & the Trail of Tears. I am a history lover & absolutely loved every thing about it all! We were able to walk a lot of it which was great because the weather was so beautiful.
We got back to Josh's apartment around 2pm Saturday and ate a TON of spaghetti that he made for the two of us. We could have easily taken a nap but decided to drive to Bentonville instead. We went back to Crystal Bridges (the museum the Walton's built--creators of Walmart.) The last time we visited, it wasn't complete so it was great seeing everything come together! Here are some pictures I took of the scenery. Absolutely gorgeous! 
Sunday was church day and then back to Norman for me. It's always so bittersweet! This week includes 2 days of class (1 day down) and then home sweet home for my favorite holiday & a TON of food! SO excited! 
Hope you all had wonderful weekends :)
Jordan Linna

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  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! LOVE your blog! I'm an animal lover so I thought the zoo pics were great! I'm now following!