Weekend Update

Sunday, October 7, 2012

This weekend I went to my hometown for my friend Daniela's daughters 4th birthday party!
I went home Thursday evening since I don't have Friday classes and was able to stay until this (Sunday) morning before returning to school to prep for a dance presentation which (thankfully) was moved from Monday to Wednesday! My group was so happy, lemme tell you what! We still got the entire dance choreographed so it's a weight lifted off all of our shoulders. Here are a few pictures from the party on Saturday :)
Did I mention Josh came home this weekend? He was able to leave Arkansas to work AdvoCare stuff in our hometown so I was very thankful for that. 
I hope you all had great weekends! 
Jordan Linna
Whoops! Posted the wrong 'Weekend Update' link for the blog hop this week-oct 22nd. Here's the correct link for this week! 


  1. Hey girl found you through the blog hop today! Cute blog. I'm your newest follower ;-)


  2. I just found you blog today through the blog hop! I love her new princess four wheeler! when i was little i had a barbie jeep, i wish i still had it!