Throwback Thursday Inspired

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I was going through old pictures in my Facebook albums earlier today to post throwback pictures to my Instagram and found some genuine gems. I was reminded of how unique and random my teenage years were and I ended up picking way too many to actually post to Instagram, but thought it was perfect for a blog post. 
I wouldn't say I had the typical high school experience. I experienced a lot because I was so active and worked to be involved in numerous organizations and had friends in every group within my high school. I didn't drink or party or have sex and I was beyond okay with that. I didn't have the desire to do any of those things. I had the desire to be creative and create music and art and make up dances with friends in my living room at 2am and have Taco Bueno trips at midnight and play on playgrounds and perform and go thrifting on weekends with my mom
I wouldn't trade those years for anything or take back Friday nights alone watching independent movies while other people were at house parties. I think girls these days think that it's a sign of unpopularity and weakness to be alone or spend time realizing who you really are. But I wouldn't have been myself if I would have lived those years in a different way. 
It's okay to go your own way.
Cake decorating party at church on a Saturday night.
Psychopath in Skiatook. Funnest, scariest night to date.  
Halloween get together at Clint's house.
Snow day photoshoots.
Eggberts nights. 
Thrifting with Jaclyn. (still best friend)
Rounding people up for Chad playing at the pavillion. (Watch him play Michelle Branch's bf  here with his long hair.)
Playing piano on a Friday night in Tulsa at Gypsy coffeehouse.
Psychopath group. 
Playing the evil villain in AP English.
Playground nights.
Dressing up like Ugly Betty just because.
Government class when I was into O'neill. She's getting MARRIED!
Feist concert. A lot of my time was spent at concerts.
That time I threw a surprise birthday party for my best friend. And whenDaniela (my first friend to have a baby) was still pregnant. 
Matching camo pants and a sleepover in my old house '05.
That time we explored Chicago.
We spent a lot of time playing Wii and hanging out with her great dane & siamese kitty. 
Dancing at local concerts in a place that no longer exists.
Making up songs and poems in friends bedrooms. She's now a U of Boulder grad & world traveler. 
That time I met my favorite 'hardcore' poet.
Breaking into abandoned buildings '05.
Sitting lakeside at my friends grandparents cabin. Playing monopoly and riding golf carts all weekend.
Painting with acrylics in Jaclyn's sunroom. 
Singing along with Brandon Flowers at the Killers concert.
Go carts in the City. 
Writing songs together.
I may have had the most run down home of all of my friends at this point in my life, but they loved coming over. Walking to the local store for cream soda on a rainy day. (Now my roommate)
Visiting old buildings and cemeteries with my grandma. We were always excited to develop pictures.
Pavillion nights with my friends who loved music as much as I did (and do). 
Dance parties with my best friends. (See Amy in ANTM ad here).
Recording a demo '05.
Nights on top of the parking garage. Kiley now lives in beautiful Alaska and i'm struck with envy any time she posts her beautiful photography.
That time I was nominated for homecoming queen.
Visiting Little House on the Prairie just because. 
That time my best friend had a baby and exhibited so much courage and strength.
Annual Christmas caroling with my friends who never knew the words.
Hair dying at Kristen's. (Now my roommate)
Exploring and swimming at Osage Hills.
Off campus lunches at Subway with Ashley. (Now college soccer beast in North Carolina!)
That time I was nominated for prom queen.

It's so funny the things that come back to you when you look through old pictures. All of this seems like yesterday but we have all changed SO much. I will always appreciate the memories I have and the things I took part in during high school. 
They've all been pieced together to make me who I am today.

Jordan Linna


  1. Tears! We had so much fun and never tried to grow up fast. Thanks for making high school awesome and being my best friend.

  2. I love all of these pictures- they are wonderful. I love that you had such a strong sense of self at such a young age!!

  3. So much fun, but a little embarrassing with the Juno pic... Really Jo? Not necessary. Those days were fun but there is still fun to come!!