Throwback Thursday

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just putting together a short little 'Throwback Thursday' post of old Youtube videos I came across earlier today. 2 of them are from 4 years ago (awkward me at the piano of a song I wrote junior year & me at my graduation assembly of another song I wrote) and the other was last year in my dark bedroom with my 4 best guy friends practicing for a friends wedding. It made me a little nostalgic & made me wonder where the songwriter in me has been hiding! Maybe she'll make an appearance someday soon :) Happy Thursday! 
Jordan Linna


  1. Wow... you have such a gorgeous voice Jordan! I would buy a song of yours on iTunes if you sold them-really!

  2. Omw! You have such a beautiful voice! Seriously. Please make a CD! Even your song you wrote was lovely!!


  3. color me IMPRESSED. i literally starting tearing up when you got that standing ovation at your graduation assembly! you have such a beautiful voice :):)