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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{1}Emily (roommate&friend) after a Fuzzy's lunch date. {2}I got her into the Hunger Games books so I rewatched the first movie with her at the discount movies Monday night. {3}A Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, stay in kind of night. {4}I went back home for the weekend to see Josh be baptized. {5}Beautiful Oklahoma. {6}Josh & I found a field I had never been to & it had the prettiest horses. {7} A painting my mom did for our apartment! She's got mad skills, obviously.  {8}I did not miss the Norman trains. {9} A summer outfit & growing bangs. {10} What my room looked like before I went in on decorating. It's much better now! {11} My favorite kicks. {12} Say a prayer for those affected by the Oklahoma wild fires. :( {13}Em & I before watching ATM (terrible) with my best guy friend Nathan! 
Hope you all have been doing well! I've been absent due to moving back to school & getting situated. Have a great Wednesday!
Jordan Linna


  1. Wow, #5, Oklahoma, is SO pretty!

  2. I LOVE going to discount movie theaters!! We have a $1.50 theater here that plays movies right before they go out on DVD. The best part about it is the cheap concessions. $3 for the bucket of popcorn? I can handle that!

  3. I love all of these pictures!! Your hair looks gorgeous in 9! I hope your move is going wonderful! xox