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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday, everyone!! :) What a great week it has been--I hope you all can say the same! I had a wonderful first week of classes. I really like my schedule and how much free time it is leaving me with to pursue church and volunteer opportunities, not to mention time to catch up on all of the homework! Sheesh. I know this coming week is going to be even better than last because it is my BIRTHDAY WEEK! So excited! Tuesday I have friends coming to my church with me here which I absolutely LOVE and I love bringing people to it. Thursday night I am having a birthday dinner with some close friends and Josh is coming that night from Arkansas as well and staying the weekend! Monday is my actual birthday (Labor day) and we don't have class! I'm still deciding what to do the rest of the weekend, so if you have any ideas send them my way! I'd like to catch you all up on my life through Instagram--I had a ridiculous amount of pictures to share so I hope that's okay! :) 
 {1} God's love never fails. I've been more aware of this than ever before lately & it's constant happiness! {2} My roomies & 5 calorie Crystal Lightsicles. {3} Very fitting for her, the food queen. {4} Need this. 
 {1} Getting OU discounts at Emily's work. {2} Orange Leaf is good to me. {3} Funniest night ever. Movies+baked goodies. {4} Our beautiful campus!
 {1} Made me giggle. {2} My new prayer journal! {3} Quite possibly my favorite meal. Fuzzy's shredded chicken salad+ avocado ranch dressing! {4} Crimson & Whipped Cream treats.
{1} My lovely friends since high school! {2} Had to get it. {3} My mom came to visit and we explored this yarn store and found yarn for a new infinity scarf to make! {4} My lovely bff/sister from another mister stayed with me last night and went to church with me this morning! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I can't wait to see what mine holds! 

Jordan Linna


  1. I LOVE your new prayer journal- it is so cute! And I hope you have a wonderful birthday week - it sounds like you have a great one planned :)

  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!