Sunday-Check In

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey guys! I need to be better about planning posts throughout the week. I think that will be a future goal of mine. Even getting some done ahead of time and just publishing them in the mornings of their designated days! I'm kind of terrible at keeping up with this. Whoops! Anyway, Here are a few Instagram pictures of what I've been up to the past few days :) 
Kors lip butter is the best.
Proud of myself for wearing my bangs down.
Beginning stages of my t-shirt quilt. Hard work, but worth it!
I made 2 apple pies from scratch! & they're delicious :)
The photographer who did my sr. pictures gave me this free! Can't believe this was 4 years ago already. 
Josh & I's dinner & dessert for his birthday. 
Started a new apron pattern! 
My DIY nails for the 4th.
How cute are these cookies?! They didn't taste too great, unfortunately. 

I hope you all are having a great weekend! 
Jordan Linna


  1. Your hair seriously looks perfect! I'm loving your nails too, so cute!

  2. Ahh bummer on those cute cookies not tasting too good! LOVE your bangs- you rock them so well! Hope you had a good weekend xox

  3. I wanna do a t-shirt quilt soo bad!! I have way too many sorority function shirts that I never wear. Your's is lookin good!!!