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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today I woke up at 6:30am because I have been post-poning an oil change/ tire rotation for entirely too long. I absolutely hate waiting in the waiting room with all the other people. So quiet, so awkward. But anyway, I finally took it in and it only took about 30 minutes to do both! After, I ran to Subway to pick up some breakfast for Josh & I and went to his house. I ended up falling back asleep while he read until he woke me up. He had today off & has tomorrow off for the 4th and Friday is his 23rd birthday, so this week is pretty wonderful :) 
We had decided to go to Independence, KS for the afternoon, so I went home & got ready and then we left. Downtown Independence is old style country, small business land. We grabbed some food & then went to the zoo there. He liked comparing his zoo to that one (his is SO much better-no joke.) Then we walked around down town a little before deciding to go on a little driving adventure. We went to 4 small towns and saw the 'town sights' of each before ending up in Sedan, KS. We ate dinner at a place called Ranch Restaurant. We were the 2 youngest in the place by at least 40 years, but it was so yummy. We drove back home after and because of the hot sun & big dinner, we were both ready to fall asleep! It was such a great day & just proves what I already know--how much fun we'll have on road trips together as we grow older! I can't wait :)
Jordan Linna

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