First Anniversary

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One year ago today Josh & I chose how strong our feelings were over a 4 hour distance. Since then, I have gained a best friend. I honestly can't imagine a day without talking to him or being with him. I remember praying for someone to treat me the way he does. I was patient, and God put him in my life at the right time. I am so blessed! He is everything I want & more. I am so thankful.
Tonight we celebrated with dinner at my favorite hometown restaurant. He also woke me up with a personalized devotional and the sweetest card I have ever read! I am so excited for the next year together. :)
Jordan Linna


  1. That is so sweet : ) It is nice to know you're patience brought you someone you are so happy with! Congrats on the one year!

  2. Happy anniversary :) I love this post- it is SO sweet!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love your dress.

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a thoughtful gift!