Summer in the Country

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey guys! Yesterday Josh & I had our first fishing excursion of the summer & it was a great time! We've both been in outdoor moods lately, so when he said he had the day off yesterday we immediately started thinking of things to do outside. We ended up going out on one of Josh's older brother's friend's grandparents land (say that 5 times fast). It's about 15 minutes out from our hometown but worth the drive. See for yourself.
 Oklahoma beauty. & yes, I off-roaded in my Civic. Can't wait til the day I have my dream Jeep!
Putting my line on my pole because he's the sweetest. 
My first catch of the day on my first cast out!
Josh's first catch! 
My second--a large mouth bass (5-6 lbs) I realize I look a mess, don't judge please :)
He obviously has the guts in the relationship. I'm too terrified of snakes to go barefoot!
After we tried out each spot around the pond we decided to head back to town because we were both starving and the Thunder was going to play (dominate) after! It was a good little day though & I look forward to many more before summer is over!
I have been doing some online browsing for more supplies to aid in our outdoor adventures. So far, my mental wishlist includes:
via google
via google
via google
1. I've been wanting to go to a shooting range lately.
2. Hopefully getting this pole (or orange, can't decide) this weekend!
3. I need biking shorts! I'm a pansy when it comes to bike seats & built in padding is just what I need.
4. Why not put my dream car on here? I'm planning on keeping my Civic as long as I can so I don't have more loans to pay back after school, but this is for the future & when I'm not using a ton of gas going all over the place. :)
Jordan Linna


  1. i wanna go fishing!!! that looks like so much fun! i've only ever been pier fishing & all i caught were tiny wittle sharks haha

  2. Omg is that a pink shotgun?! I want one haha! I've actually been wanting to go to a shooting range too! I think it will be a good way to release some stress! Fishing looks like so much!! That's awesome you guys caught some! Love your adorable blog, new follower!