The Gratitude Challenge

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I got this from my friend Tara & I highly suggest it! 100 things I am thankful for, but broken into categories which makes it much easier to accomplish! It makes you very aware of the blessings that are in and surround your life. 

Write 10 physical abilities you are grateful for 

 Hearing music & people’s voices
 My smile 
   Ability to see
My hands to be creative 
I can take care of myself without dependence
Write 10 material possessions you are grateful for
My car for getting me to school & back to my hometown. 
My phone for keeping me in touch with Josh when we're apart.
My computer for typing up papers and online homework assignments. 
My journals for holding my secrets for the past 10 years.
My clothes because 'being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.' 
My shoes because many are not fortunate to have them.
My backpack for carrying all of my books on campus.  
My nail polish because manicured hands make me happy.
My bible for providing guidance.  
My apartment for being cozy and nice. 
Write 10 living people you are grateful for
Mom because she holds my life together in many ways.  
Camden for being a caring older brother.
Josh for showing me how a real man is supposed to treat me. 
Jaclyn for being my closest friend for almost 10 years. 
Jessica for being Jac's sister & mine :) 
Emily for being so caring & willing to help me out. 
Kevin Durant for dominating for the Thunder.
Carlee for being the kind of friend to drive 2 hours at night to come stay with me.
Nathan for being my best guy friend & making sure I ended up with someone good enough. 
Beyonce because she is perfect. 
Write 10 deceased people you are grateful for
Grandpa Don for being a father figure in my mom's life. 
Grandma Linna for being a stable figure in my mom's life.
Susan B. Anthony for being courageous. 
Walt Disney for his creativity. 
Amy Winehouse for her voice & my best Halloween costume. 
Asa for giving his mom happy memories before he left us. 
Grandma Claudine for cooking me fried potatoes & getting me hooked on drama tv & music videos.  
Brittany Murphy for her humor and laugh.
Martin Luther King Jr. for his willingness to speak out. 
Audrey Hepburn for her class and positive influence.
Write 10 things about nature you are grateful for
Pathfinder for being scenic & the first place I ran 2 miles outdoors. 
Birds for being all different & fun to watch.
Big cats for giving me hope to travel to Africa.
Big, shady trees.
Sunflowers & light pink roses.
Stars and constellations.
Mountains (Wyoming, Colorado) 
Write 10 things about today you are grateful for
Josh being off work.
Being able to sleep in. 
Country music.
Dancing around my room this morning.
Purified water. 
A fridge full of food.
PLL, Teen Mom. 
Thunder in the finals.
Summer sun. 
Fishing all afternoon.
Write 10 places on earth you are grateful for
Bartlesville and my old house that is homey & comfortable. 
Cherry Street in Tulsa because my mom & I are hippies deep down. 
Owasso because Emily lives there :)
NYC at Christmas time. 
Italy because it gave me a desire to travel and a language to study. 
Africa for my future dreams.
Lifestream because it is the first church I have felt 100% comfortable worshipping at.
BHS because I have good memories from 11th & 12th grade there. 
OU because the campus is beautiful and the classes are so comfy. 
 America for my freedom and ability to live life the way I want.
Write 10 modern inventions you are grateful for
Curling iron because curling my hair calms me. 
Planes because they allows me to travel.
DVR because i'm usually too busy to watch my favorite shows. 
Braces because I had buck teeth at one point. 
I-pods because they make my work outs 10 times better.
4-wheelers because they are AMAZING.
Fishing poles.
Email because I can keep in touch with family and teachers. 
D2L because it's easier for students and professors to talk.
           Sewing machines because they give me a hobby.
Write 10 foods you are grateful for
Pasta because it is my absolute favorite. 
Salad for being delicious and healthy.
Smoothies, especially mango and peach.
Mac&cheese for putting me in food comas.
Turkey burgers. 
Quick Trip's  spicy chicken taquitos (heaven.)
Snowcones (tigers blood). 
Write 10 things about the Lord you are thankful for
God’s forgiveness.
For being an outlet.
For calming me in the midst of chaos.
For providing hope.
For providing security. 
For His saving grace.
Teaching me how to love unconditionally. 
Providing a home for me after this life. 
Giving those who have lost before peace of mind.