Summer Dreaming

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 things i'm sure of lately are #1- I miss my boyfriend. #2- I want summer. Being the list maker I am, I've started coming up with ideas for date nights/ fun things for us to do over the 3 month span we're in the same town this summer. I can't wait, lemme tell ya what!
Josh & Jo summer '11.
So, here it is.
The unofficial/ incomplete Josh & Jo's Summer To Do List:
Lake time.
Take more pictures. 
Tulsa Zoo day.
Drive-In movies. 
Disney movie marathon.
Cook dinner together.
Start devotional together.
Jenks Aquarium date.
Purple Glaze date.
Drillers baseball games.
Go fishing.
Play mini-golf.
Dave & Busters date.
Play frisbee.
Sidewalk chalk afternoon.
Bowling date.
Make a shadowbox frame.
Game night.
Firepit night.
Snowcones (tigers blood, of course.)
Summer '11.
It's a good start, right?? At least we can have something to refer to when we're both being indecisive.
What are your plans this summer once the craziness of finals & end of school projects are over?? 
Jordan Linna


  1. Sounds like a GREAT list. Drive ins=LOVE :)

    lauren rebecca

  2. you are seriously SO pretty! you & your man make such a cute couple :) those date ideas sound awesome, y'all are gonna have an awesome summer!! my boyfriend & i have been planning trips for the summer too. beach & yankees vs braves game are the two biggies! i can't wait!