Pinning the Future

Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the fashion of procrastination, i've been pinning away on Pinterest tonight while watching Law&Order. I love dreaming up my future home & family life. It seriously makes you want the future right this second. Sometimes I have to make myself snap out of it & remind myself to live in the NOW but it's fun to dream sometimes! I'm going to share some of my home/ nursery ideas on this post & maybe make a separate post soon for wedding ideas! (It would need it's own space!)

One of my goals for the future is to build a home. If I found the right, cozy space already built I would be okay with that. But I have a certain design in my head & I won't settle! (finances permitting.)

This home is just the right size! I would love to
put a garden in the front & white gate as well.

I want a cozy, comfortable living space where people can really be lazy & sink into the couches for at-home movie nights. I think this is the perfect 'starter home' living space!

I'm also OBSESSED with this couch. Can't you picture snuggling with your husband & drinking hot chocolate on this bad boy? I know I can!

I think that the bathroom should be gender-neutral (even though I love pink & animal print...) I'm all about compromising. I love how clean/ sunny this bathroom is! It would make a great guest bath or hall bathroom.

For our personal bathroom I would want something a little warmer & relaxing. I am a giant candle lover & after days at work I would love a claw foot tub & a deep, rich brown bathroom with candles lit to invite me home. I love the color/ organization idea of this bathroom.

For a kitchen, I really like the idea of an island in the center to put food, especially on holidays. I've become a huge fan of cooking & really want a big family (4 kids!) so it would be helpful. I also love Southern style kitchens. Being from Oklahoma, I find them very comforting! Here is the dream kitchen:

But, this probably wouldn't be present in a starter home, so this kitchen would be A-Okay too! I can imagine cooking up something yummy while dancing around to music with my future babylove! (I always listen to music when i cook.)

On to the guest bedroom-- I want my guests to feel completely comfortable & actually be able to sleep in our home! I know I can never sleep in new places because there's nothing like your own bed, so i'd like it to be the next best thing! I love these rooms because they seem handmade for comfort. Definitely rooms you could take leisurely naps in.

Now, I'm probably going to be the pickiest ever when it comes to planning our future bedroom, but I do picture an accent wall where the headboard will be against, a cozy King sized bed, night stands on either side of the bed & all black furniture. I like the personalized touches & color scheme in the first room & the placement of everything in the second!

Now, the nursery! This won't be until a few years after I even get married..but Pinterest is all about preplanning, right? First, baby boy : ) Seeing as his dad will be a zoo owner, I think it's only right the nursery has a touch of safari theme. I love the giraffe print & the brown/ blue combination!

Anddd, baby girl. I've always said 'If I have a girl, I won't make it princessy.' Who am I kidding? Everything will be pink.

Last but not least, a dreamy place to fall into after putting this house together... : )

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Jordan Linna


  1. Love love loooove all the pins! And that house is TOO cute!

  2. this is the cutest thing!!!

    your newest follower:)

  3. I nominated you for an award! Check out my blog for details! :)