Break Time!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I can officially say i'm finished with my fall semester of junior year!! My last final was at 1:30 today and I feel so relieved that I can relax for a month. I'm a major stressor so it feels so good to be able to watch a Real World marathon or pin away on Pinterest without feeling guilty about not studying. After my last test I did a little Christmas shopping. I got 1 gift for my dad, 1 for my brother, 1 for my boyfriend and put together small gifts for my 2 roommates who are leaving the country after winter break (Emily is studying in Jordan & Tyler in Italy.) I still have a lot of shopping to do but it was nice to get some accomplished.

I'm really excited about the plans I have over break as well, which include:
The 4th annual Christmas party at my friend Clint's in my hometown.
A Christmas party at my friend Kristen's.
Some extra bonding time with Emily before she leaves.
Craft time with my friend Carlee & Quick Trip runs for icees :)
Tulsa shopping trip with my brother & Tulsa bar date with Jessica!
A birthday dinner for another friend studying in Scotland next semester.
My friend Kim's 21st birthday in Stillwater.
Gilmore Girls marathon with my momma & last but not least...
See my boyfriend FINALLY.

He goes to the University of Arkansas & since i'm 4 hours away at OU it makes it hard to see each other. He's a very hard worker and works 2 jobs on top of being a full time student so I wanted to do something really special for him over Christmas break. I'm making him a big dinner one night and giving him his gifts, which I will update on later! (with pictures)

Tyler & Emily both gave me gifts a couple of days ago, here are the goodies I got:

Tyler got me a mug with my favorite hot chocolate, sour patch kids & dove chocolate and all of the Twilight soundtracks burned! Emily got me Baby Lips peach lip balm, Revlon lashes & adhesive (for going out) Sally Hansen nail decals & pink glitter polish that will be on my toes later : )

I got them both Breaking Dawn posters (hehe), stationary to write me about their new adventures, framed pictures to take with them & candy! The pictures I framed are below : )
Tyler & I
Emily & I

I hope every has a wonderful week & is looking forward to the holidays as much as I am!

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  1. Yay for winter break!! My last final is tomorrow. Should be pretty easy though :)